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How can we help to grow your project on Aurora

FUNDING. Introduction to VCs for capital raise.
SUPPORT. Consulting (tech, product, marketing, etc), cross-connection with Aurora ecosystem projects, accelerating projects.
COMMUNITY. Aurora regional communities (10+ countries), meetups, AMAs, hackathons, community media partners.

Recent Ecosystem Partners

EVM compatible Oracles
Received a grant
dApp for collaboration & file-sharing between blockchain addresses
Received a grant
SaaSGo (Encentive)
Web3 SaaS Platform: SaaS GoTo provide Web3 services to billions of users
Received a grant
The only gateway for onboarding institutional money to DeFi.
Received a grant
The Blaize team provides a wide range of outsourced blockchain software development services. This includes building blockchain ecosystems, smart contracts, dApps, as well as integrating blockchains and enterprise solutions.
Received a grant
Biconomy Hyphen
Next-Gen Multichain Relayer Protocol
Received a grant
Enable users to buy crypto from your app. Available across 100+ cryptocurrencies on 75+ blockchains via cards, bank transfers and other payment methods in 125+ countries.
Received a grant
World of the Abyss
A new name in the mobile MMORPG Universe.
Received a grant
Seamless fiat <> crypto flow for any project
Received a grant
OutDID is an end-to-end private ID verification leveraging ZK Proofs.
Received a grant
Impossible Finance
Impossible Finance is the go-to crypto investment platform that empowers you with high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities
Received a grant
Devs N3AR Me
The project created to bring exposure and onboard young Malaysian developers into Web 3
Received a grant
Advanced Bridge & DEX Aggregation
Received a grant
Compete in fitness challenges to earn crypto-backed rewards
Received a grant
Decentralized influencer marketing platform with reputation-based rewards
Received a grant
KeyFi is a next-generation DeFi aggregator that provides intelligent tools for managing your DeFi portfolio
Received a grant
Spherium Finance
Spherium Finance is a Mobile-first cross-chain wallet which optimizes return on crypto assets while minimising risks.
Received a grant
DeFiner is a permissionless and configurable decentralized lending protocol with 100% protected privacy.
Received a grant
PinkPea Finance
PinkPea Finance optimizer is a fully integrated seamless solution on Aurora that allows any DeFi user to accomplish their financial tasks.
Received a grant
Gravis Finance
Gravis Finance is an ecosystem that unites DeFi platform, NFT marketplace for in-game assets, and Evervoid game.
Received a grant
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