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Aurora provides Ethereum compatibility, NEAR Protocol scalability, and industry-first user experience through free transactions.

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Build on Aurora.
Simple. Fast. Free.

Aurora provides the Ethereum development experience, with layer-2-like speed and scalability. If you are an Ethereum developer, getting started on Aurora is as easy as changing the RPC endpoint.

The Aurora network is currently in limited availability as we work towards general availability. Depending on your app demands, you may already deploy on Aurora.

Block Explorer
Search for real-time and historical information about the blockchain.
Price Oracle
Consult price information about assets within or outside of the network.
AMM Exchange
Automatic trading of digital assets, by using liquidity pools as a replacement for traditional buyer and seller markets.
The Rainbow Bridge is the official bridge for transferring tokens between Ethereum, NEAR
Data Index
Efficiently find and retrieve data that live on the blockchain.

Aurora's implementation of an Ethereum Virtual Machine on the NEAR Protocol greatly expands the horizons for cross-chain functionality. DODO is excited to be partnering with Aurora to further the growth of a truly multi-chain space with greater access and liquidity for people around the world.

Diane Kai
Co-Founder of DODO
Diane Kai

Our goal is to create an interoperable future where the gaps between blockchains, developers and users are bridged. Aurora does just that by allowing for assets to pass uninterrupted between the Ethereum and NEAR blockchains, thereby merging economies and facilitating the development of creator communities.

Illia Polosukhin
Co-founder, NEAR Protocol
Illia Polosukhin

Aurora ecosystem.
The momentum is building.

Here are some of the projects that have launched on Aurora and are benefitting from the first-mover advantage.

Mecha Tracker
We aim to be the most used one-stop-shop in the Aurora Network. A dashboard to track your DeFi portfolio.
KillSwitch Finance
KillSwitch is a smart yield optimizer targeting to increase convenience and security for users.
NFT marketplace focused on GamiFi & Collectibles on the Aurora Network.
imToken is an easy and secure digital wallet trusted by millions.
Aurora Community Contract Revoker
Utility to conveniently revoke permission to previously authorized smart contracts.
The Future of Cannabis is NEAR and powered by the CannaDAO.
Onomy Protocol
A layer-1 network powering a hybrid & multi-chain DEX, FX stablecoins, and a cross-chain DeFi wallet.
Crafting Finance
Crafting Finance is a synthetic asset issuance and trading platform based on the NEAR ecosystem.
Synapse Protocol
Synapse is a cross-chain layer protocol powering frictionless interoperability between blockchains.
Cross all the ERC-20 from other blockchains to Aurora.
Ape Dao
Innovation focused Reserve Currency Protocol aimed at expanding the Aurora Blockchain.
Asia Pacific’s Largest Crypto Custodian and Asset Management Platform
Art Frontir
Project focused on bringing NFTs and new digital Art Frontir to Aurora.
Aiming to be a multi function and utility project for Aurora's ecosystem.
Rainbow Bridge
Transfer tokens between Ethereum, NEAR & Aurora!
The #1 crypto super app designed to connect a billion users to the crypto world.
Empyrean DAO
Decentralized reserve currency on Aurora.
Multi-chain, multi-currency social NFTs.
Studio and marketplace digital platform built entirely for fans. Features officially licensed digital collectibles.
Fast, Affordable and Secure way of moving liquidity between EVM, non-EVM, and L2 blockchains.